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Patient Comments

We have received many complimentary letters from patients' families. Here are some of their comments about Dr. Acacio and his excellent staff.  Here are some of them.






(November 6, 2013) Editor's Note:  The following testimonial shares the story of a couple who were diligent in their journey to start a family:

“I believe that there are certain people that from the very first moment you meet them and connect with their eye and shake their hand, you can observe that they exude a definitive confidence. No matter how you try to analyze this personality trait, you just can’t help but be drawn into their confidence and want to jump onto their “Everything WILL work out” bandwagon. Dr. Acacio is one of these people that has this trait and beside his confidence and faith in his work, he actually makes it a reality.

After 3 failed IVF cycles, and one early miscarriage thankfully, I was recommended to go see Dr. Acacio. When he told me I would have to have Fibroid Surgery, which he believed could most likely be one of the roadblocks that was interfering with my getting/staying pregnant. He added that the procedure he wanted to do was a Robotic Myomectomy. Three other doctors I had gone too said that without a doubt I would have to have an open surgery, which has many risks associated with it. Dr. A said he wanted to do this procedure, which is the least invasive surgery, and it will be perfect! No surprise that my surgery was a success. He also changed many other aspects of my drug protocol including the addition of Heparin that my previous doctor did not think I needed.

My belief is that one of the most important tools to achieve a high success rate in anything you is not only a product of your expertise and research in that field but by the team that you assemble! Dr. Acacio has clearly assembled an amazing team! My nickname for his staff is: “The A Team”. From the warm smile of Corina at the front desk to Sylvia, the Doctors main nurse (who truly needs her own separate feedback, because I have too many accolades about her “greatness” to describe here). Each one is not only highly professional but truly kind and warm hearted. There were never too many questions or too many emails. They always answered me and reassured me of anything that I was concerned about and I always felt that they were a true extension of the doctor.

I will never forget my very first ultrasound following my embryo transfer when we heard my little angel’s heartbeat. You would think it was Dr. Acacio’s very first success as he showed so much GENUINE EMOTION! His words to me: “you did it, all your hard work and perseverance paid off”. My though was to the contrary! It was in face an amazing team effort.

Our little girl is truly a miracle. My husband and I are so incredibly grateful to Dr. Acacio and his “A” team!”






Hello Dr. Acacio,

As for private practice, I appreciate now the wisdom of your ways. I remember rotating through your private clinic and noticing the tremendous amount of effort you and your staff placed on providing professional service with a personal touch (you always made it a point to repeatedly address the patient and her partner by their first name; I had read somewhere that for most people their favorite word is their name). I also recall that you created in your office a comfortable and elegant ambiance that imparted a feeling of being in a luxury spa rather a sterile medical facility. And the most important part of what I remember from your private practice was that most of your staff had been with you for a very long time.  You add all that up and include you success rate in IVF (BTW I'm so grateful to you for what you did for (name omitted)), and I'd say that's the secrete in the secrete sauce behind your success. I endeavor to model as much of what I do in my private practice from what I have learned from you.

October 30, 2013    |  (from a letter sent to Dr. Acacio by Dr. S Basel, an OB/GYN who was recently trained by Dr. Acacio at KMC's High Risk Clinic)



Dr. Acacio,

I just wanted to check in and say hi.  I absolutely love being a mom and appreciate every second I have with Gavin.  Gavin just turned ONE on the 12th!! I attached some recent pictures of him.

Thank you for all your help bringing him to us.  Gavin is by far the best thing that has happened to us and we are over the moon in love with him.  We feel soooo lucky and blessed!!! :-) Hope all is well with you...keep changing lives for the better and making those miracles happen. :-)


Violette, Brent, and Gavin

(October 2013)






(October 2013) Editor's Note: Acacio Fertility Center’s success rates are among the highest in the country ranging in all age categories.  We treat patients both nationally and internationally to help them fulfill their dream of parenthood. Our latest inspirational success story details the long road of a woman who traveled from Moscow, Russia to the U.S. in search of a successful fertility treatment. Discouraged and flustered after many failed attempts, Acacio Fertility Center was able to give her the care she needed. Here is the moving story from this family...

After four unsuccessful attempts in Moscow, she traveled to the U.S. on her last hope. A friend researched online and asked many local doctors for referrals and all recommended Dr. Acacio. The woman picked up the phone and called Dr. Acacio and discussed her health issues, past IVF treatment history and family medical history. Her medical history included habitual genetic miscarriages, over forty, poor homeostasis, low sperm activity, and bad IVF history. Her body was also over exhausted after four medical stimulations and was unable to produce oocytes.

Finally, after two months of phone calls and emails back and forth, the woman arrived in California “full of hopes and fears.” Her previous IVF experiences were horrific making her anxious for her treatment at Acacio Fertility Center. After graduating from AFC treatments, the woman exclaimed:

“All periods of our relationship the staff was amazing! Attentive, precise, humane, helpful and understanding. My husband and I felt like we got a new family who will do the best they can to solve our problem and to make us happy parents. This clinic has incredible combination of kindness and professionalism, experience and spirituality. They are happy to make people happy! This is the ideology of professionalism and precision with a great heart and the power of persuasion in your own luck.

I would surely recommend this wonderful doctor and his clinic to all desperate couples because now I am pregnant with beautiful healthy twins from the first trial of transfer.”


Thank you, Dr. Acacio, for teaching at Kern County Medical Center.  There is no other attending (faculty physician) as committed to the education and welfare of the residents. Thank you also for being an excellent role model and leading by example. I will never forget the amount of time you dedicate to the profession from research to implementing it in actual practice, and the effort you put into providing patients with the best medical care, social support, and service from the moment they step into your office. I learned a lot from you, academically, ethically, and professionally. You are the epitome of an awesome physician. I will try to remember and put into practice all the things that you have taught me"

F. Ung, M.D.,
2012 graduating resident physician (UCLA) who was trained at KCMC by Dr. Acacio






a Robotic Myomectomy success story (UPDATED FEB 28, 2012)

"Dear Dr. Acacio:

I have absolutely wonderful news! After the robotic myomectomy you performed on me (October 2011), and after waiting the suggested two months before trying to conceive, (my husband) and I are pregnant after our first attempt!! The surgery was a HUGE success, thanks to your skill and knowledge. Words do not exist to describe the elation we are feeling! Thank you, thank you, thank you…We are currently at 9 wks, 1 day."




“Dear Dr. Acacio:
We could never thank you enough for helping us having a baby. Our lives have been changed into a happier one. You are always in our mind and prayers.”

“Dear Dr. Acacio,
Thank you for taking a potentially stressful journey and turning it into a wonderful experience for me. Your consistently cheerful, jovial, friendly and personable attitude each visit causes me to reflect on this process with a smile, regardless on the outcome………And last but not least, thank you for hiring such incredible staff members. Their contributions along with yours simply confirmed for us that we made the right decision in choosing your office to take this journey with us.”

“Dear Acacio Clinic ,
Thank you for all your expert care and tireless efforts to help **** and me achieve our dream of becoming parents. We are grateful to receive your help.”

From a Donor: “Dr. Acacio,
I would like to thank you & your staff for being so great to work with. I always feel comfortable & I appreciate your professionalism. Tell Sylvia, Natalie, Mona, and everyone else I said they are all awesome.”

“Dr. Acacio,
Honestly, ***** and I have been so inspired so inspired by your energy, spirit, and tenacity. Yo work with we humans in a realm that couldn’t be much closer to the soul, is not for the faint of heart. Thank you so much for being there.”

“ To All at Acacio Fertility,
Thank you, thank you. What incredible work you do with such care, love, and attention. We love you so much.”

“ Dear everyone who touched our lives,
We want to thank each and every one of you for all the care and encouragement you offered us on our long and difficult journey of becoming parents. We couldn’t be happier………..So thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.”

“Hi Dr. Acacio,
…….There is not a day that goes by that we don't think about you and your staff and say a thank you to God for all of you.”

“We are so blessed to have them in our lives thanks to your miracle work and the great team you have. I just wanted to share some pictures with you all and how fast they are growing up. We'll always keep in touch and refer more people to your facility.”

“With just 6 weeks left in what has been a great pregnancy, I wanted to be sure and say thank you to those responsible.  I still sometimes have to remind myself that there is a baby growing inside me.  Its absolutely amazing and ****** and I are forever grateful.  Thank you so much for making this happen for us!”

“ What you have done for us is truly a miracle……..Being referred to your office was the best thing ever to happen...it has led us here.  THANK YOU so much.  All of you were completely professional, caring, and actually listened when we talked.  We felt as thought you were right there with us on the journey and the support is SO appreciated.  We looking forward to seeing you again soon whenever we are ready to thaw the "snow babies" and have another.  Thanks again for being such a great team of people.”


"She has brought so much joy into our lives and I still can't thank you enough for making this all possible!!! Tess is the light of our lives...."

Charlotte April 2011


"Dear Dr. Acacio, Sylvia, I am 44 days old today and just wanted to drop you a quick note and say "THANK YOU" again and again for everything you did for me and my mom. You will always remain in our hearts and thoughts. Yours truly, Baby Aleksandar"

Gordana April 2011


"There are no words to describe to you how grateful and thankful we are for all of you!  It has been 3 years since we started the process of trying to get pregnant and it didn't become a reality until we met all of you.  You were there during the most difficult part of this whole process with words of encouragement and open arms.  Thank you so much for doing what you do, we will never forget!"

Tony & Jodi December 2010


"We are elated to have her in our lives and thanks to you who made it possible for us.  We are forever grateful…….Thank you, Bigger hugs to you."

Sylvia and Jacob :) April 2011


"Thank you for all the work you and your staff put in, I also want to thank you for making me feel so comfortable with going forward with the IVF and explaining things the way you did.  There are no words to describe how grateful we are…………God Bless You Dr. A, you are such a wonderful person and excellent doctor. T HANK YOU!!!"

Julie April 2011


"We wanted to thank you for our precious baby boy. He is truly a blessing that we always be grateful for. During this Holiday season we remember you and the miracle you helped us create. We wish you continued success and Happy Holidays"

Tiffany December 2010


"We wanted to thank you for helping our family to grow! Our boy is amazing and he is a blessing to have around………….Thank you for working so hard and all your dedication."

Shannon January 2011


It’s been a year and a half the last time we were in your office & I’m overwhelmed with gratitude…..Again that you for our little miracle. You made it possible for us to be blessed far more than we could have imagined.

Charleen January 2011


"I just wanted to thank each and every one of y’all for everything! This has been a wonderful experience & I’m very glad and thankful."

Lindsey March 2011


"You’ve been very thoughtful and we really appreciate the professional and caring service we’ve received You have given us hope again and we’re so thankful we found you!"

Tracy and Chris November 2010


"From a Surrogate: I just wanted to send a quick email to say what a wonderful experience I had today meeting Dr. Acacio, truly an awesome doctor.

He made me feel very comfortable, had a wonderful smile and was all around friendly. He gave me way more information in the first ten minutes of our talk than I received in the past 4 months with C.A.R.E. He was very clear with me about the risks that are 'theoretically' present, and I am by no means confused anymore."

Stephanie June 2010


"We wanted to share with you both that we are having twin boys. Thanks so much for making this a possible dream."

Van July 2010


"We all appreciate how helpful and caring each and everyone of you were throughout our year plus journey.  It is still hard to believe that the transfer worked so well that we were doubly blessed."

Lisa September 2010


"Dr. Acacio and his top rated team did an AWESOME job throughout the IVF cycle!  …………  I truly appreciate all your efforts, THANK YOU."

Indira October 2010


"Once again, writing you this brief e-mail to say "Thank You"....you are part of our biggest blessing thus far...our son …..we are so grateful and you will forever be part of our family. Our son is almost two and is becoming quite independent- it is such a joy to have him……..A big thank you to your staff Silvia and others who participated throughout the procedure."

Ahtoh November 2010


"You guys at the clinic are the best! I have never felt more sincerity!"

Elena November 2010


"I just wanted to thank you for helping us out throughout this whole process.  I will always remember Sylvia the first time I did this and I'll always remember you for the second one.  Dr. Acacio knows how grateful we are for making this happen for us.  Please thank everyone for their attention and caring.  We hope everything goes well from now on and we hope to be able to send you pictures later."

Brenda November 2010


"I was asked if I would like to share my story and I most definitely would!  Unfortunately, I'm afraid that my words don't do justice to how I really feel and can never completely express my gratitude and awe for what you and your team do - and has done for my husband and me.  This has been a humbling and inspiring experience.  It has made me even more conscious of how our society doesn't celebrate the real heroes of this world...and heroes you all certainly are in my heart…………. Thank you again!"

Christine December 2010


"Thank you so much for all that you do and care. We are glad to have met an excellent doctor as you who is so compassionate, knowledgeable, Friendly and Thorough. Thank you so much!!!"

Ester March 2011


"Thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so happy! We have spent our whole marriage trying to conceive and it has been exhausting. We feel so blessed to have you all to help us through our journey. God bless all of you!"

Katherine February 2011


"Anyway we want to take this opportunity again for the wonderful gift of our two boys and one of these days we will bring them by for you to see them up close and personal."

Rohan February 2011


"It was a long, difficult battle, but we made it...thanks to all of you :)"

Phillip February 2011


"Thank you so much for all your assistance in helping us meet our twin boys. Both boys and Mom are doing fine. Healthy, hungry and happy! We are forever grateful."

Jake February 2011


"Thank you so much for all that you guys have done for us. Please send Dr. Acacio and the team our love and well wishes. Here is an updated picture of our boys."

Van February 2011


"There are no words to describe to you how grateful and thankful we are for all of you!  It has been 3 years since we started the process of trying to get pregnant and it didn't become a reality until we met all of you.  You were there during the most difficult part of this whole process with words of encouragement and open arms.  Thank you so much for doing what you do, we will never forget!"

Jodi December 2010


"Well we now have three month old boy/girl twins thanks to Dr. Acacio and his wonderful staff! We can not thank all of you enough! You all treated us as friends rather than patients during an incredibly emotional and stressful time in our lives. We would like to bring the twins into the office sometime to see everyone."

Heidi November 2010


"He's an incredible baby and we're so blessed to have him. I am truly grateful for everything that you and your staff did for us to make it possible for Oliver to be here!"

Moira October 2010


"Words could never express our gratitude to you and your staff for all you have done for us. Our lives are changed forever and your name is one that comes up frequently in the family as we recognize this blessing that seemed SO far away one year ago. I am tearing up as I write this just thinking about the whole process that led to these girls."

Kelly June 2010


"He has filled our home with a happiness we hadn't felt in quite some time and I can only say that you both will forever be in our hearts as true angels. You have given us that family that we dreamed of, and even though I may never sleep again, life is good!!"

Stacey June 2010


"……we can't help think of you both and be thankful for all you did for us.  We are so blessed and cannot thank you enough for what you have added to our life."

Lisa June 2010


"Thank you for helping us achieve our dream of being parents and for all the encouraging words during the long wait……I remember asking you, Dr. Acacio, after the transfer of our 3 embryos that were not of the highest quality, if you really thought I would get pregnant this time. And you said, Yes, Yes - I think you will. I was in a Valium haze! But I still remember that. It made me feel better and more importantly you were right!!"

Heather June 2010


"Everyday I look at them I think how blessed we are to have met you and your team. Our lives have changed for the better and we thank you for it! Alyssa and Leah are doing really well. ……….. Thank you for all you have done."

Jolene May 2010


"We couldn't have done this without your excellent care and expertise.  We can't speak any higher of your services and have recommended your practice to anyone that needs a little help with starting a family."

Brita May 2010


“I was impressed how Dr. Acacio listened to us and really took our words into consideration. Every time we went to an appointment the staff was always so friendly, positive, and supportive………..We will forever be thankful to Dr. Acacio and his whole staff for taking such good care of us. There was always someone there to listen to us and support us through the difficult journey on infertility. We can’t say enough positive things about our experience and how thankful we are to everyone at Acacio’s office ”

Kara & Jeremy May 2010


“Dr. Acacio was basically our only hope to conceive with our own eggs, this was to be our SIXTH and final IVF and to answer our hopes and dreams. SUCCESS!!!........ We took our chances and tried IVF again for a sibling and our SEVENTH IVF was a success…….. What took 5 IVFs with two other Doctors, took Dr. Acacio Two successes!”

Diane May 2010


“Every visit for us in the past was wonderful, supportive, and fun. I can’t thank Dr. Acacio and his staff enough for what they have given us. From the very beginning to the end we have had a wonderful experience.”

Jennifer May 2010


“Jenny and I (and also on behalf of the newly arrived twins) cannot thank you enough for making our dream of starting a family come true.  We are so grateful for the outstanding care from you and your staff throughout this journey.”

Jenny November 2009


“You and your team provided us with strengths and trust all the way through IVF and your medical skill is only surpassed by the kind and friendly way you treated us. We are so, so grateful!”

Sarah & Norbert November 2009


“I have known many women who have gone through the fertility process to have their babies and I haven't talked to anyone who has had the kind of nurturing, competent, and caring professionals that I had at Acacio Fertility Center………Sylvia was also amazing. I felt like she was my "fertility mom" walking me through each step and giving me the strength to make it through everything.”

Nikki September 2010


“ I sought treatment from three other Reproductive Endocrinologists, including one of the top RE’s, in the nation, who advised me to “stop trying”, after the seventh cycle failed………Our beautiful, healthy son was born at 38 weeks.  He is a true miracle and blessing.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Acacio’s strong belief, compassion and expertise – then I may have “stopped trying”, and never had the chance to meet my sweet baby boy.  Miracles do come true!”

Stephanie September 2010


“After a friend told me to just go talk to Dr. Acacio, I knew immediately that if anyone was going to figure out my "unexplained" infertility, it would be him.  He took the time to actually understand what was going on in my body rather than just put me on another standard protocol.  I was not an easy case, but Dr. Acacio and his wonderful staff were so diligent and supportive and invested that when that pregnancy test was finally positive, it was not just me rejoicing but them as well!  I will eternally be grateful for what they have given me."

Stacy September 2010


“ You and Your staff were so warm and expressed such care as if we were your only clients. Our beautiful miracle would have not come to us without your skill, knowledge, and most of all great care.”

Vayomi & Hiranya September 2010


“ It gives us great pleasure to that every time we look at our twins, it’ll remind us of the wonderful man who made it all happen”

Joana  April 2008


“Thank you Dr. Acacio, Sylvia, and the entire staff at Acacio Fertility.  Your patience, caring ways and expertise made our dreams finally come true.  We'll be there to visit soon in the hopes of giving Hailey a little brother or sister!!”

Cathy & Todd October 2010


“ I researched and found Dr. Acacio and believed that I could hand over my dreams for motherhood to him.  Dr. Acacio has the high-tech training and background that some doctors do not, and then has a warm and genuinely caring bedside manner that makes you feel like you are his only patient.  The Acacio Fertility staff are extremely knowledgeable, available and care about you as a person, not just as another patient……and today I am blessed with a beautiful daughter of my very own.  Even if IVF did not work for me, I know whole heartedly that I still chose the best doctor to trust.  I thank God and Acacio Fertility for my Abigail Grace!"

Trina October 2010


“From the moment we met Dr. Acacio we knew we had met the person that was going to help us build a family.  We felt strongly that if he couldn't help us, no one could.  Dr. Acacio was confident when we were not.  He remained extremely positive, assured and focused at every meeting, phone call and procedure.  Sylvia and the rest of the staff were amazing!  They treated us with the greatest kindness and respect and made sure every detail was checked.  They were always available to us, answered all of our questions and made sure the protocol ran smoothly.  The team at Acacio Fertiltiy made all our dreams of becoming parents come true.  We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and are loving being a family.  She is truly a miracle and our lives are forever changed because of Dr. Acacio.”

Brita October 2010


“Right away we found Dr. Acacio and his staff to be educated, warm and so responsive to the million questions and concerns that we had throughout the IVF process. Dr Acacio took a fresh approach to our previously identified infertility issues as well as identifying and treating additional immunology factors that no other doctor had even considered. Thanks to Dr. Acacio and his wonderful staff, we now have happy, healthy three and a half month old boy/girl twins!”

Kristin October 2010


“ From our very first meeting with Dr. A and his staff , we knew our dream would become reality. They will always be considered our family. Thank you so much for our “gift”. We love you and are blessed to have worked with you.”

David, Charleen and our gift, Daveena October 2010


“I appreciate that Dr. Acacio and the staff supported my decision to become a single mother.  They helped me beat the clock (I gave birth just before turning 41) and I love my son dearly.”

Rachelle October 2010


“When we found out that our only option was to do IVF we began our quest to find the best Doctor for us…….When we met you we knew that we has met the Doctor for us. You were patient and explained things very clearly and gave us the opportunity to ask as many questions as we needed. We left with a great feeling knowing that we were making the right decision by choosing you. You and all your staff truly are a blessing and made things so much easier. Everyone was always sp patient and optimistic and we never felt like we were a nuisance with too many questions……Thanks truly does seem like to simple a word to describe the amount of gratitude we have for helping us to bring our beautiful daughter in our lives.”

Jennifer October 2009


“We can’t express enough how thankful we are to all of you for everything you’ve done for us. You’ve changed our lives in the most beautiful way. We are eternally thankful.”



“Before meeting him (Dr. Acacio), I had been to two doctors with two failed IVF cycles and had become rather disheartened by the indifference and uncaring manner in which I had been treated. Fertility issues are incredibly sensitive and personal, it's a time when you need to feel supported and encouraged. That's what I received from Dr. Acacio and his entire staff…….Both he and his staff are there to answer any and all questions, no matter how trivial, never making you feel as though you are a bother……..He has forever changed and improved my life by helping my husband and I reach our dream of having three wonderful children. We are forever grateful!”

Nicole October 2010


“Infertility has been a life changing experience to say the least. This was the hardest time in my life I have had so far. There is no other doctor I would turn to other than Dr. Acacio. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Acacio. It is very hard for me to trust and he has earned my total trust in him. Not only are you in the best hands at Acacio fertility but you become apart of their family. Words can not express the emotions you experience and he just gets it. He is there to accomplish the goal and is determined. I truly believe he is the best and wish he could be my doctor for everything. He is the man! He is a doctor that is devoted and has a passion to achieve with incredible skill and experience.”

Jayme October 2010



“ I can't say enough positive things about what skilled doctor and wonderful person that is Dr. Brian Acacio!  He has a friendly and loving bedside manner, is a skilled surgeon, and stays on the cutting edge of the latest advances in infertility treatment (WAY more than any doctor around).  And his staff is UNMATCHED in their attentiveness and professionalism.

We went through 3 years of infertility treatment, 3 doctors, and 6 failed IVFs before finding Dr. Acacio.

Dr. A did some additional testing that none of our previous doctors did.  He found and treated two issues I was unaware I had, and I got pregnant immediately.

We were on the verge of giving up before we found Dr. A, and we literally owe our daughter's life to him! You absolutely will not find a find a better doctor.  We love you, Dr. A!”

Julie October 2010


"After 2 failed IVF attempts and being told we had a 5% chance of being successful with IVF using my own eggs (I was 33 years old at the time!), we turned to Dr. Acacio and his team.  Immediately, the feel was different--positive, optimistic, and hopeful…….. In just one attempt, Dr. Acacio and his team got us pregnant, using my own eggs.  I am now 3 months pregnant with a healthy baby and due in April, 2011.  We are so grateful to Dr. Acacio for his dedication, commitment, and positivity throughout this process.  We are so blessed to have another baby on the way to join our family and our 3 year old (who was conceived naturally!) can't wait to become a big brother.  Thank you so much, Dr. Acacio.  You will forever be in our hearts!"

Aimee October 2010


“After San Diego’s most reputable fertility clinic advised that I should “move on” to an egg donor, Dr. Brian Acacio and his team proved otherwise.  By the time I arrived at Acacio Fertility Center, I had undergone three years of fertility treatments, including one IVF cycle, two other stimulated cycles, countless IUI’s, four surgeries, and one and half years of acupuncture – with no success.  I was reluctant to consult with a fifth reproductive endocrinologist.  But, I’m so grateful I did:  After a single IVF cycle with Dr. Acacio, I am now more than 12 weeks pregnant for the first time in my life………..The excellence of Acacio Fertility Center extends to the entire team.  The Clinical Manager was awarded RESOLVE’s highest recognition in 2010, and her staff was professional, responsive, and helpful.  The ACF team was not only effective, but their manner was positive yet pragmatic, upbeat yet cautious.  Dr. Acacio and his team answered my many questions.  And, they worked  well with my alternative health practitioners, including a naturopath and an acupuncturist.  Dr. Acacio’s passion about helping women achieve their goals is evident, and I am so glad that I made the trip up from San Diego to receive his care.”

C. H. October 2010


“Finding Dr. Acacio was an answer to our prayers!  Not only did he examine my medical history in its entirety, he was candid in giving us his honest opinion.  He said that he would first try treating the items uncovered in my lab results before considering more IVF procedures.  Even though he could have tried to steer us down a costlier and unnecessary road, Dr. Acacio dealt openly, honestly, and even optimistically with us.  During our first round of treatment with him, we conceived our beautiful baby boy!  Now our family is complete, and our sweet daughter is a proud big sister to the baby we desired for so many years.  Thank you, Dr. Acacio!”

Kristin & Dan October 2010


Your patience, attention to detail and sheer tenacity is so inspiring. I can’t express how overjoyed I am and you have made my experience that much more gratifying.
Loren Z.

Thank you for your support as we traveled the IVF road. Your loving heart is what makes you such a special place. I don’t think I could have done this without you. Your team helps make the sorrows of infertility much lighter.

I just want to tell you how wonderful my experience in your clinic has been so far. You and your staff really have it together. Thank you so much for all your efforts to be so pleasant, organized, responsive, and professional… it really makes a difference.

Thanks seems like much too small a word to communicate how much gratitude we have for all your kind help. Your patience, tenderness, and optimism always touched our hearts- and I’m sure made a healthy impact on me during my treatments.
Adriana and Roland S.

Your kind heart has left an imprint in my soul. Thank you for always caring.
Debbie and Ernie W.

I truly appreciate everything that you do and your guidance.
Jill and Robert B.

You are the best RE nurse I have encountered through this whole infertility journey in CA (dealing with 3 clinics and interviewing a 4th)!!!

Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for us, phone calls you’ve taken, follow through you’ve done… etc. We appreciate your work and patience.
Janelle and Kirk

I appreciate the one-on-one attention, and the time and energy to help me calm down.    It meant the world when I was scared as I was.
Kristi S.

You are a miracle worker, and we are forever grateful to you for making our dreams come true.
Helen and Rob

You have been so wonderfully encouraging to me. Thank you for your outstanding care.


You have a great practice…such kind care.  I think you both do a beautiful job of giving patients special attention, and a thus a feeling of being well cared for.
Tara E.

We can hardly believe that our dream has finally come true.  Thank you so much for everything and all you have done for us.  We will be forever grateful.
Chris and Tabitha


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Dr. Brian Acacio is recognized as among the top 10% Reproductive Endocrinologists in the country.

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High Success Rates

Acacio Fertility Center's success rates are among the highest in the nation.