Through a Patient's Eye

"This has been a humbling and inspiring experience"

"It has made me even more conscious of how our society doesn't celebrate the real heroes of this world... and heroes you all certainly are in my heart.

So, here is my story attached..."

a recent email excerpt, from a patient.

A Recent Letter to Acacio Fertility Center

Christine C.

"I'm afraid that my words don't do justice to how I really feel and can never completely express my gratitude and awe for what you and your team do - and has done for F. (husband) and me.  This has been a humbling and inspiring experience.  It has made me even more conscious of how our society doesn't celebrate the real heroes of this world...and heroes you all certainly are in my heart.

So, here is my story attached..."

I never thought having a child was an option for me. I have one blocked fallopian tube and had no success getting pregnant during my first marriage. When I married my current husband this year, I knew that this was the time to try every option. My husband, who serves in the Army National Guard, had been called to active duty and was scheduled to leave for one year in Iraq in November. I knew that I didn’t have much time.

My Ob/Gyn referred me to Dr. Acacio in July, and when I called Dr. Acacio’s office, despite a busy schedule, when he heard of my husband’s upcoming orders, he immediately made room for us to visit for a consultation. We didn’t know what to expect, of course, but upon meeting Dr. Acacio, I was immediately put at ease. Dr. Acacio’s professional, yet friendly and genuine, demeanor was so refreshing. And most importantly…he listened to us. He took the time to really listen to our concerns and questions, and based on that, he presented to us options that made sense for our particular situation. We never felt that he approach us with “cookie-cutter” solutions, but rather a program designed for our needs. And even more so, he understood the urgency of our timeline and took all efforts to accommodate it. That inspired a confidence in me that I, and the fate of our future family, was in good hands.

We opted for in-vitro fertilization, and the journey was not always easy. As with any medical procedure, it can be frightening. But Dr. Acacio and his staff were always there to answer my questions, whether through email or phone call or by appointment. I never once felt in the dark about anything nor did I ever feel embarrassed to ask a question. It is an emotional process, and I know there were times when my fear took over…but the nurses and Dr. Acacio were always patient with me.

During the first attempted cycle, it became apparent that the conditions were not perfect, and Dr. Acacio recommended that we wait another cycle. While waiting is hard, I trusted his opinion completely. That same trust revealed itself on the day of our actual embryo transfer…when we had to decide just how many embryos to implant. My husband and I had a certain number in mind, but Dr. Acacio recommended one more…his professional intuition or experience or whatever caused him to suggest the final number…we both trusted him completely and went with his recommendation. That trust served us well, because we were blessed to discover one strong little heart-beat pumping away during that first ultrasound visit.

I wonder sometimes how I might feel had I gotten pregnant naturally. To experience in-vitro fertilization is an amazing thing. It forced in me an awareness of the magic and preciousness of the creation of life. It certainly has inspired in me an incredible respect for what Dr. Acacio does, to the sacrifice the nurses make to serve their patients…and all with such humility and earnest concerns for their patients and respect for the process.

I feel very blessed to have found Acacio Fertility Center and to have received the benefit of their care.

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