Dr. Acacio's scholarly activity


2013 Presentation at Pacific Coast Reproductive Society

title:  "Clinical Effects of Pre-implantation Genetic Screening of Oocytes Prior to Cryopreservation in Young Women."

authors:  Acacio BD.

Presented at the annual Pacific Coast Reproductive Society meeting, October 2013.


2011 publication in the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology

title:  "Can soluble HLA-G concentrations in culture media enhance embryo selection by morphology?"

authors:  B Poursharif, B Acacio, M Adamowicz, CB Coulam.

Am J Reprod Immunol 2011: Supp11:24.  CC.


2011 publication in the Journal of Clinical Embryology

title:  Rapid Soluble HLA-G ELISA for Analyzing Day 2 Spent Embryo Culture Media.

authors:  Sivakumar Ramu, PhD, BZrian Acacio M.D., Mark Adamowicz, Sylvia Parrett, Rajasingam S Jeyendran DVM, PhD.

The Journal of Clinical Embryology, Volum 14, Fall 2011.  ISSN 1941-1901.


Acacio 2010 4th Quarter

  • October 5th 2010- Dr. Acacio Attends UCLA Journal Club meeting
  • October 16th 2010- Dr. Acacio attends Fertility Expo San Diego Lecture topic: “Reproductive Immunology”
  • October 25th – 27th 2010- Dr. Acacio attends American Society for Reproductive Medicine Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado
  • November 2nd 2010- Dr. Acacio Attends UCLA Journal Club meeting
  • November 30th 2010- Dr. Acacio attends Orange County REI Journal Club Meeting
  • December 9th 2010- Noontime Lecture San Dimas Medical Group Bakersfield, California topic “Fibroids and Fertility”

Acacio 2010 3rd Quarter

  • July 27th 2010- Dr. Acacio Attends UCLA REI Journal Club Meeting
  • August 10th 2010- Grand Rounds Speaker Pomona Valley Hospital  Lecture Topic “Oncofertility”
  • August 11th 2010- American Fertility Association Lecture with Dr. Aaron Spitz Lecture Topic: “Male Factor Infertility”
  • August 17th 2010- Dr. Acacio Attends UCLA REI Journal Club Meeting
  • August 24th 2010- Dr Acacio attends first ever OC REI Journal Club Meeting
  • August 25th 2010- Noontime Lecture for Family Practice Doctors in Bakersfield, California Lecture topic: “Work-up of Infertility”
  • September 15th 2010- Dr. Acacio and staff attend Fertile Action Visionary Gala Event at SLS Hotel in Los Angles, California
  • September 21st 2010-  RESOLVE Orange County Meeting Lecture topic "Options in Fertility treatments IUI, IVF and Reproductive Immunology” Heritage Park Regional Library  Irvine, California
  • September 23rd 2010- Dr. Acacio attends Orange County REI Journal Club Meeting
  • September 30th 2010- Sylvia Parrett receives RESOLVE’s Award for Excellence in the Field of Nursing, a national recognition.

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Dr. Acacio at PCOGS

Dr. Acacio presenting his research at PCOGS annual meeting. 10/2/2013 - 10/6/2013 in WA.

Pacific Coast OBGYN Society is the most prestigious medical conference on the West Coast.  http://www.pcogs.org/meetings.cfm

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