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Personalized Touch


From the moment you sit down with Dr. Acacio for the initial consultation, you quickly recognize the gracious personal touch his team brings.   It is not about the medical knowledge and skills only.  Dr. Acacio also practices the artistry of infertility medicine. Dr. Acacio has been able to uniquely identify with his patients because he has personal experience with the IVF process.  That’s why he has instilled a culture of empathy and proactive service with patients in the Acacio Fertility Center.


When asked "what touches your heart the most in your experience with Acacio Fertility, here some of the many feedback comments we have received from clients:

  • "Heart-warming emails from your personal clinical coordinator."
  • "A genuine partnership in empowering the patients."
  • "The personal calls from Dr. Acacio."
  • "I feel like Dr. Acacio understands my husband and me because he is a good listener."
  • "You care about the process as much as the result.  thanks."


Acacio Tweets

Dr. Acacio at PCOGS

Dr. Acacio presenting his research at PCOGS annual meeting. 10/2/2013 - 10/6/2013 in WA.

Pacific Coast OBGYN Society is the most prestigious medical conference on the West Coast.

Live Webinars

Join live Webinar Series: "Fertility 101: What to Expect at Your First Consultation"

Hosted by Dr. Acacio


Acacio on NBC

(New) Watch Dr. Acacio on a TV interview with NBC as he explains various aspects of infertility.


Top RE Doctor

Dr. Brian Acacio is recognized as among the top 10% Reproductive Endocrinologists in the country.

Becoming Pregnant...

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High Success Rates

Acacio Fertility Center's success rates are among the highest in the nation.